Tuesday, March 16, 2010

President Ronald Reagan


September 30, 1988

Dr. Charles W. Swan
16127 Ancroft Ct
Tampa, FL 33647

Dear Dr. Swan:

During my years in the White House, I have pursued a special dream to renew our national spirit and to make America great again.

Thanks to Americans like you who have supported me, our Party, and our candidates, we have come closer to that dream.

Yet, ours is a lengthy journey. There is always a danger that those with a different vision may steer us off course.

It is our responsibility, yours and mine, to do everything within our power to keep this great nation moving forward as a beacon of freedom and liberty for the world.

That's why we need your support for "Victory '88."

I am proud that our Party has selected Vice President George Bush, my working partner of eight years, to lead us in th< days ahead.
In 1988, it is our duty and privilege to work for his election. He will be a President who will serve us with honor, integrity, experience and vision.

It is also our duty as Americans to keep this country oi course by electing responsible Republican men and women to serve us in the United States Congress, our state legislatures and in local government.

That's why I am joining with George Bush and all the leaders of the Republican Party in urging you to make a commitment today to "Victory "88."
I am proud of the accomplishments we have made over these past years.
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Much of our progress was achieved because during my first six years in office, Republicans held a majority in the United States Senate, gained parity among our state Governors, and had a working majority in the United States House of Representatives.

We won those victories because Republicans like you stepped forward and gave so generously to the umbrella campaign organization that allied the efforts of our state and national GOP organizations.

"Victory '88" is the name of the umbrella program that will wage our victory this year. And today, "Victory "88" urgently needs the help and assistance that you have been known to give to candidates and Party organizations in the past.
Vice President Bush wrote you recently about "Victory "88" and outlined the dangers we face as Americans if we fail to keep the progress of these last eight years moving forward.

I join with him in asking for your help to ensure the election of a Congress that will make our dreams become a reality.

I truly appreciate how gracious you have been through the years in responding to my many requests.

It is because of the special spirit of Americans like you that I know America's best days are still ahead.

We cannot falter now; we cannot be complacent. George Bush and our team of Republicans urgently need your help to ensure we continue on the road of peace and prosperity.

As always, Nancy and I are grateful for all you have done.

We are confident you will build the victory America needs through your support for "Victory "88." God bless you.

Ronald Reagan

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